About the Carrbridge Centre

The Carrbridge Centre Ltd, formed in August 2014 to replace the old Woodchurch Community Centre Joint Management Committee, became a registered charity in September 2016.

Its purpose is to run a viable community centre that will serve not only local residents of Woodchurch but also its surrounding neighbourhoods and constituencies across Wirral.

The main aim of the organisation is to assist in the alleviation of the high levels of multi deprivation that exist locally. Tackling issues around education, employment, training, advice, guidance, support and health, the organisation intends to use the centre in a way that will not only generate money for the area and be self-sustainable but help address such issues.

Welcoming Environment

The centre offers plentiful free parking and a welcoming environment, with three community spaces that may be used for parties, training, support groups, and access to the internet.

Local people can access up-to-date technology for training, internet use or just staying in touch with friends whilst being able to enjoy the pleasant and hospitable nature of the staff and building.

Our Background

Established in 2014, The Carrbridge Centre was created to be the successor body of Woodchurch Community Centre Joint Management Board (JMC).

Circa 2008 the Woodchurch Centre was due to be demolished to give way for new developments in the area. Local community members, galvanised by the JMC and the help of local MP Stephen Hesford, managed to campaign and save the centre which later became part of the Asset Transfer programme gifting the building to Magenta Housing on the condition they lease it to the community on a peppercorn rent. It was at this point Carrbridge Centre Ltd was established to succeed the old JMC and take over the newly refurbished centre.

Our Objectives

Operating in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, staff and board members are aware of the challenges they face: these, combined with reduced funding and government cutbacks, add to the pressures of maintaining a building, providing services and, more importantly, meeting local need and addressing those important issues that rank the area in the 2% most deprived.

It is for these reasons the Board is clear on the skill sets required from staff, volunteers and board members that will achieve such a challenging task. It is confident of current commitments and wishes to develop the Centre, staff, volunteers and services to achieve all that is detailed in the following plan.

Our Board

The Board is aware of the challenges it faces over the coming years and will be using its business plan as a basis for its delivery of services and offer of resources.

Focusing not only on the building, the Board feels it should contribute to working in the surrounding area and especially with other local community and charitable organisations to reduce duplication, maximize potential and deliver appropriate and much needed services to the wider community.

Our Board of Trustees

Damain Mcgregor

David Bevington

Adam Mellor

Lynn Howe

Lesley Reith

Our Staff

Matt Gibbs


Steph Williams

Finance Administrator

Get Involved

The Carrbridge centre is looking to open itsdoors to the community seven days a week. In order to accomplish this we needyour support. Please pop in and

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